lethalweaponbdcap1_originalMel and Danny G: they’re cops. Right off the bat, you can tell they’re gonna have a hard time working together, cause Gibson’s a reckless, suicidal fucking mess. Also, he’s an Australian to boot! MG’s a total gun nut, he shoots at everything he sees, doesn’t matter what it is. He eats all kinds of gross shit too, like Chocolate covered Hot Dogs and Cappuccino Pizza, the guy’s a total wacko. And then, there’s Danny Glover. He’s old and black. So, they really don’t get along at first, Gibson’s always talking about how he’s gonna kill himself, and Glover just doesn’t know what to do, he’s too old for this shit.

Lethal-WeaponGlover’s so worried MG’s gonna suddenly flip out and try and off himself, he won’t even let Mel drive the squad car. But then, in a real bone head move when he’s under some pressure, Glover decides it’s cool to send Gibson up on a ledge to convince some dumbass to not take a nose dive off a rooftop into the parking lot, and, it’s like, what the fuck?! You won’t let your depressed, crazy ass partner get behind the wheel, but you’ll leave him alone with another suicidal jerk off and just hope everything works out for the best?! Yeah, Glover’s a good cop.

Riggs-2Later on, the two of them end up squaring off against good old Gary Busey. Now, Busey’s supposed to be a professional, drug dealing ex-mercenary or some bullcrap, which I’m not buying for a fucking second, especially after seeing him prance around in his Grandma’s sundress. I imagine the guy probably has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning without stuffing a goddamn Chimichanga in his giant horse face, and you want me to sit here and believe he’s a dangerous, highly-trained, special forces killing machine? Ok, movie, whatever you want, it’s cool.

lethal_weapon_gary_buseyWell, Busey gets so mad that these guys are screwing with his drug business, he goes and kidnaps Glover’s hot daughter and holds her hostage. Then, this old guy who may or may not be Busey’s Dad threatens to bang her, it’s some creepy shit. G&G break in there and rescue her at the last minute. But I’m not sure how much better off she is at the Glover house, there’s this one scene early in the movie where it seriously looks like Glover is checking out his own daughter. It’s pretty weird. She’s smoking hot, but she’s still your daughter, Glover! Get them goddamn eyeballs off her ass!!

Lethal_Weapon_1987_720p_BDRip_x264_SC4_R_mkv_snapAnyway, Busey escapes, but his Dad doesn’t make it out, cause he decides to use a getaway car that’s full of fucking grenades! Apparently, super pro Military guys tend to stockpile a shit ton of explosive devices in the backseats of their Chrysler Lebarons. Of course, a stray bullet grazes that piece of shit and blows his ass the fuck up in no time. Also, the car was packed to the brim with cocaine, for some reason, so everybody near the explosion gets high out of their goddamn minds, including Gibson and Glover!

MV5BMTMyNjkwODQ2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTQ2NDAxMw@@._V1._SX640_SY430_Busey takes this all pretty hard, he shows up at Glover’s house totally drunk and pissed off and ends up getting into a fight with Mel Gibson on the front lawn. And, well, Gibson ends up kicking the living shit out of him. Even though Busey had all that training! In all fairness though, Gibson had the upper hand here, cause he’s still totally coked up from the drug car explosion, so GB gets his ass handed to him in like 5 seconds. Then, Mel and Glover fill him full of bullets, cause that cocaine hasn’t worn off yet, and Glover’s coming around to the whole gun thing. At first he was all like “don’t kill nobody, Mel Gibson! We gotta hole up the law, can’t go round shooting all these sumbitches.” But, in the end, he’s learned that arresting dudes just ain’t enough. Sometimes the only way to solve crime is to just kill everybody. That’s the Gibson way, and it gets results!

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