2428_14_screenshotWesley Snipes teams up with an old Japanese guy in this classic buddy cop action thriller hit. Snipes is like “whoa, I hate Japanese people, but now I’m stuck with one? and he’s telling me to take my mutherfuckin shoes off before I go in a house, or a goddamn office? Fuck that shit!” But in the end, the old guy gets his way. Snipes loses his shoes, and they’re running all around LA trying to solve a murder or something. But the bigger picture is that Snipes learns he can work with a guy who’s not American, and eats sushi, and who doesn’t wear fucking shoes anywhere, and they make a pretty good team. Snipes is also really funny in this movie, he’s like “Do you hear tha wordz comin outta ma muthafuckin mouf?” and the Asian guy just shakes his head, cause his English is really not good enough to understand Ebonics.

40724_rush08_jpgf8263d93fb6d4a23bf10dc1b412c07f4Also, Tia Carrera is in this, and she’s so hot. Like, you’d kill your girlfriend if she got between you and Tia Carrera kinda hot. And she’s married to the old Japanese guy! And Wesley Snipes is like “GOD Daaaaym!” and he’s looking at the old Asian guy, and then at her, and back at the Asian guy, then he’s like “Naaaaaaaaah, man”.

tia-carr-22In the end they solve the murder, and Snipes agrees to move to Japan with the old Asian dude, so they pack up Tia Carrera and get the hell out of LA together. And when they’re on the plane Snipes leans over, and says something like “so, you tellin me Asian girls dig a brotha with a badge, am I right?” and the old guy just shakes his head again, cause he just cannot understand anything this guy is saying! Classic!

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