This movie really opened my eyes to how bad women got it. Like, all they wanna do is clean dishes all day and do laundry and make dinner, but then some dickhead comes home, and he’s all “women need to get out and work, just like men. Equality!” Well, fuck you buddy, that’s the last thing we need in the work force, some chick who’s going all kinds of periods cause her vagina’s attacking her or whatever.

suffragette-7-xlargeThese bitches need respect, I know it’s hard to believe nowadays, but back then women actually had to go out and work for a living! Fucking backwards. Well, these chicks finally have a riot and storm London with picket signs that spout off shit like “Women don’t work, they waste time writing signs like this one.”

suffragette-anatomy-facebookJumboI mean, if all I knew how to do was sit around all day thinking with my tits, I wouldn’t wanna get a job either. I totally get it, ladies – you don’t need to work, you just need some peace and quiet for like 8-10 hours a day so you can blindly stare off into space while dudes pound the pavement making cash money, so you put that apron back on and get back in that goddamn kitchen, you’ve earned it.

MTMzODY2MDIyMjU0OTQ2OTQ3Well, in the end, they all get want they want. Women get to stay home, dusting, moping, cleaning up after their stupid brats and vacuuming the wall or whatever the hell they do all day, and men go out to an office, bring home the big bucks, and slowly drink themselves into a coma. Exactly like we have things setup in these modern times.

Brody-TheToo-EasyHistoryofSuffragette-12003 bullets: it made me think about a lot of things I’d never normally give a shit about, like what’s going on inside the mind of a woman and whatnot. So, it was a pretty good movie. But not a lot of action, so, yeah, just those 3 bullets for my ladies in the house.

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